Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Princess

The Princess 

Write by Md. Nomaan Sarker
( Translated by Mohammad Anamul Kabir )

Long long time ago, there was a princess in a country. She was ten years old and looked very beautiful. But her soft mind became very gloomy. Because her exam was near at hand. She didn’t want to take the exam. She went to the field with her some friends. While playing, suddenly she saw a butterfly following her. The butterfly was so nice. Where the princess went, the butterfly followed her. The princess stopped and the butterfly also.

Willingly the latter proposed, “Would you please be my friend?”

By agreeing the princess replied, “Yes, I do.”

The butterfly said, “You are so nice. You are also so clean that it wonders me. You have bound your hair and drawn up yourself excellently.”

The princess said laughing, “I like cleanliness.”

 The butterfly said, “Now I shall go to another garden. Wherever I shall go, I shall miss you. I shall discuss my friends about you. To draw up is very simple but to keep one clean is very difficult. To draw up beautifully isn’t cleanliness.”

The princess asked, “Will you go?”

The butterfly replied, “Yes, we don’t spend more tine anywhere. Today I spent here all day long. But in the evening I shall fly away another garden. To fly and to know the names of trees and flowers are our main work. So we do it very cordially. Do any work cordially whenever you do. Then you can do it accurately. And you will feel happy.”

In the evening the butterfly went away. The princess observed carefully and considered the butterfly as a nice insect. It had no bone but could fly away by using only its soft wings. To fly was very joyous work to the butterfly. It could fly so long, although it was very little. It could be possible because of its love for fly. It learnt the so many names of trees and flowers. Then the princess realized that she had no eagerness for study. She was bigger than that butterfly. Why was she defeated to her unwillingness?

 Coming back the palace the princes went to her father and said him shouting, “Dad, I shall take exam. I shall take exam. Dad, today I knew one thing that when you do any work, you do that cordially. Like Your main duty is to rule the kingdom. For this you love your people and they also love you.”

Having finished, the princess jumped up over her father’s lap. And she continued, “I start to study from today. Yeaaa..! I shall love it. I shall have to do it very finely.” Leaving her father, she called her mother shouting, “Mom, mom…”,

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