Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Friend ( Bondhu )


( Writer -Shahidul Haque / Book of RAZA  ZINZIR ) 

 King Raza Zinzir and queen along with their daughter have gone to visit. Today is holiday. On holiday, the king and queen take their daughter many places to visit. The princess can see many things learn something new. Today they reach a forest surrounded by a beautiful river. It is afternoon. How beautiful the forest is! The sun shines on the forest. There are many colorful flowers in the forest. A sweet smell comes from those flower.

There are various types of  birds in that forest. There forest has been cheerful of the chirping of the birds. Seeing the birds and enjoying their songs, her mind becomes fresh. The princess  
is astonished at the forest.

There are so many butterflies in the forest. They dance on the flower. Enjoying their dance, the princess is happy.

Princess never sees such nice butterflies in her life. She touches a butterfly. As soon as she touches it sits on her hand. Getting it, she is joyous. She says happily,' Wow! You are nice. How nice your wings are ! Who colors you so nicely?'

The butterfly replies,' Oh! Dear princess! My mom colors  me. You don't know that my mom can draw pictures very very beautifully. Look, she has colored my wings nicely. Listen, there is a drawing school in our forest. I learn to draw there . My mom take me there. When I get older, I also will draw nice picture like my mom.'

The princess says,' Humm...! I also draw picture. I also go to  art school with my mom.'

The butterfly wants to know,' How many friends do you have there?'

The princess says,' Yes, I have so many friends. They are learning to draw like me. They can also draw beautifully.'

The butterfly says,' Great! Would you please show me your drawings?'

The princess says,' Please, wait a little. I have no drawing with me. Please wait.'

The butterfly flies away and sits on the tree. Then the princess goes to her parents to bring the pictures. She says,' Mom! Mom! give my picture. The butterfly sitting on the tree wants to see my pictures.'

The king and the queen start laughing. The queen says,' Ok, ok dear! Take your pictures.'

The princess goes there with the pictures and becomes happy to see many butterflies. She welcome them because they come to see her pictures.  She shows them  pictures one after another. Seeing her, pictures  the butterflies become so happy and start dancing on the flower. 

The butterflies say,'We never see like before! You can draw very very well. Your pictures are beautiful.  Will you be our friend?'

The princess agrees,' Yes! Yes!  Form today you are my friend.'


Friday, 26 April 2013

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

'' Aolinda '' is this story's name.

'' Aolinda '' is this story's  name. Story about King Raza Zinzir and his daughter. Hope in next month , you can read this story. So, my friend, Wait for this story !  

Friday, 19 April 2013

Affection ( A children's story )


Once upon a time there was a king named  Raza Zinzir. One day the King Raza Zinzir sat on the cot with his little daughter. His daughter asked for a story. Then he started to tell a story. 

A tiger and a tigress lives in a jungle. Oneday at noon the tiger tells the tigress, 'Oh dear! I have  a disire to eat a deer!'

The tigress tells with soft voice,' Are you cure from your leg pain? Oh! You are badly wounded.'

The tiger depresses and tells ,' I feel better now but I cann't hunt for some days.' The tiger closes his eyes.

The tigress smiles and tells ,' O! dear! you have nothing to worry about hunt. You take rest and I will take hunt for you.Ok honey?'

The tigress goes at once. The tiger looks at the path of tigress. The tiger looks at the sky and thinks about his misfortune. He fell in the hole and wounded his leg .But he is getting well gradually.
After some time he fell asleep. Suddenly he wake up and hear a sound. 
The tiger is surprised and looks at the tigress. She takes a alive baby deer. It's really a baby!

Then the tiger hear a crying voice of a baby. The baby deer tells with crying voice,' Leave me please, leave me please! don't eat me, don't eat me!' 

The tiger looks , a little baby begs for his life. The tiger is so kind to him. He says to the tiger,' Why do you hunt the baby?' 

The tigress is surprised and tells ,' O! I have hunt a deer.'  

The tiger becomes angry and tells,' It's a little baby!' 

The tiger looks at the baby and tells,' Here is your friend. So, don't afraid. Now go away. You can go without fear. Nobody will disturb you. Yes, go now! go, go please.' 

The baby deer walks slowly.Then the tiger notices that the baby deer is wounded! The tiger feels pity for him.The tiger calls,' Baby,O! Baby!' 

Then the baby looks back and the tiger comes to the baby with his wounded legs. The tiger kisses on her forehead. At this the baby is surprised and looks at the tiger. Then the tiger kisses her again. The tigress is  astonished and becomes fool to see them! She closes her eyes and opens them again and again.

The tigress is surprised that the hunt go away slowly. 

It is almost midnight. The tiger and the tigress are sleeping under a big tree. There is innunmerable stars in the cloudless sky. The tigress asks ,' How is your pain now? Do you feel better now?'

To look at the sky the tiger says with loving voice ,' You are beside me. If you stay with me ,I never feel any harm..!' 


Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A Question for you ?

Today I translate one of my story ,name '' ADOR " means  AFFECTION , from my book of '' RAZA ZINZIR ''.  Ok , It's a kid's story. Am I tell about this ? Am I ?

Ok ! One Tiger ,Tigeress and a baby Deer 's story. O ! not more ! If you want to read this story then I will share this story tomorrow . Will you please tell me ,are you want to read or not ? Will you ? 

This is the story. 

Me ! 





 টিকুমনি  মোঃ নোমান সরকার কেউ যখন কোন বিষয়ে কষ্ট পায় তা টিকুমনি বুঝতে পারে, এমন ভবে বুঝতে পারে যেন সে তা অনুভব করে। কেন সে ...